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Find out how to help build our city brand, what’s important, and how to get involved.

Our New Brand

Whatever your position or field of expertise, this website will provide a toolkit to help you put Salisbury on the national and international map.

It is easy to use, it is very versatile and best of all – it is absolutely free.

There’s no time like the present to champion the virtues of Salisbury.

There are so many great businesses, organisations and individuals all fiercely proud to call Salisbury their home.

We want to galvanise this pride and passion to help everyone spread the word about our great city.

People right across the UK are currently reappraising their values and placing a higher value on heritage and authenticity.

There has been a significant shift back towards holidaying in the UK, talented people now have far greater flexibility in choosing where they live and work and there is growing ‘buy local’ movement which is good news for Salisbury’s artisans, producers, makers and independent retailers.

All these trends offer a great opportunity for Salisbury.

Th time is right to showcase the real Salisbury, a beacon of creativity and culture, a natural home for the modern-day makers and innovators and a magnet for visitors who enjoy the Traditional and Original in equal measure.

A range of exciting new initiatives, including the launch of and new events and trails have already seen Salisbury starting to build its profile.

The next stage on this journey is to draw people from far and wide.

We want them to see Salisbury as a vibrant, outward-looking place where conversation and ideas flow.

We want you to be part of this exciting new initiative.

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Why Salisbury

A place of life and energy, a vibrant and welcoming place, a connected place.


Traditional Original

A new positioning that captures the essence of Salisbury.


Brand Filter

A way of understanding and contributing to the brand.



A range of new brand assets for you to use.