Tim Scrace

Tim Scrace is an artist, architect and creative entrepreneur living and working in Salisbury. Growing up in the city encouraged his passion for architecture, asking him to question how things were made, how things stood up as well as how to create something unique, something special.

Tim’s work often takes the form of drawn or painted extracts of the city, which over time transform themselves into structures or components within the built environment. Tim sees the city as his playground, having always been fascinated by both the natural and built world, he enjoys documenting and shaping spaces.

Tim’s sculpture, ‘This Too Will Pass’ was installed on Salisbury High Street in 2021, it was designed to to mimic pilgrimage, the movement of people to and from the cathedral and to mark the passing of time and memory. In allowing the community to mark the boards using chalk, the sculpture achieved its aim in helping the city to find a collective voice by reflecting on its past and beginning to build on its future.

What sets Tim apart is his care for people and the environment.

Tim’s practice is realised through Scrace Architects. A growing creative consultancy that works with clients and communities to challenge perspectives, educating, and promoting better environments and a more sustainable way of life.

Tim has also started to unite the creative community in Salisbury by founding IGNITE, an open forum which explores themes of creativity through multiple lenses, including emerging working patterns, enterprise, technology, divergent thinking and changing pathways.

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