Traditional Original brand filter

In order to help the Traditional Original brand spread far and wide we’ve developed our very own easy-to-use precision tool to check if your business or activity is ‘on-brand’.

Our new competitive positioning is not just a logo, and Traditional Original should not be used as a slogan. What we have is a shared vision, a clear goal and a set of values that represent Salisbury.

We want all Salisbury stakeholders to be able to participate on their own terms – we understand that you have your own identity and ambitions, but we want to strengthen our place brand by understanding and using the Salisbury Brand Filter.

Below is a detailed description of the Traditional Original brand filter.

The better you know it, the more you will be able to take advantage of it. Always remember to Include Salisbury in project names, hashtags and every type of communication (e.g. Experience Salisbury, Salisbury Street Sellers, Taste Salisbury)

Behave like a pioneer (Wow, who did that? Salisbury!) is the reaction we are looking for.

Effective brand positioning is about action, not just words or images. We don’t have a slogan, because within city branding, we see a lot of similar slogans, often without any clear meaning.

To us, the place itself – signified by its name – is the brand, not just a logo or a visual identity. A brand filter, however, is there to help you better understand our Traditional Original values and principles and to inspire you and guide you.

Do you have a project or event, either at idea or planning stage? Take the brand filter test by clicking the boxes to see how ‘on-brand’ you are. Our team are here to show how using the Traditional Original brand positioning can help you and the city of Salisbury stand out.


To re-imagine a medieval city for the 21st Century

Do you reflect our brand values – How many can you tick?

Our brand values are a set of guiding principles that shape every aspect of what we do. They dictate our brand message, identity and personality.

Click the circle if your event or activity fits the statement.

Is your project ambitious? Will you behave like a pioneer and make Salisbury stand out?

Is your business, project or idea original, quirky and distinctive? Could you be described as ‘only in Salisbury’?

Will your activity highlight our traditions of crafts, artisans and storytellers? Do you trade in the provenance of Salisbury?

Will your activity support and encourage creativity & originality in all that you do?

Does your project or event showcase the story of Salisbury’s incredible heritage and culture?

Is your project or event original? Are you offering something new and unique to your customers?

Good work, you are ON brand and clearly share our Traditional Original values

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Nearly there, with just a few tweaks you could be ON brand.

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