Our Brand Ambassadors

It is often said that places are a reflection of their people, in Salisbury’s case that manifests itself in a tradition of care and craft, still very evident today. From its very beginning, the city has been shaped by the skill and attention to detail of its craftsmen and women.

Salisbury now wants to inspire a new generation of creative people. Salisbury has a warm and welcoming community. We know how to pull together and rally round. Salisbury is a hub for creativity and culture in all its forms, drawing people from far and wide to be inspired and entertained. There are a lot of very talented people here who bring their artistic side to Salisbury, so let us introduce you to some of the people that make Salisbury special.

Dave Hancock

Dave Hancock is one of Salisbury’s leading entrepreneurs and has been running his own hospitality businesses in the city since 2009.

Deborah Fox

Deborah Fox, and her husband Michael, have been responsible for the transformation of a beautiful historic grain mill into a thriving hub of art, craft and creativity.

Susi Mason

Susi loves living in Salisbury and is the owner of the much loved independent shop ‘Casa Fina’.

Tim Scrace

Tim is an artist, architect and creative entrepreneur living and working in Salisbury.

Become an Ambassador

Do you or your business personify Salisbury’s brand values of Ambition, Independence, Care and Creativity.  

If the answer is yes, we’d like to hear from you. We need individuals who are committed to move things forward, strive for higher standards and be ambitious. We want to build a national reputation for creativity and innovation, independent retail, craft, culture and events. 

We will encourage and celebrate innovative organisations and independent businesses that trade in Salisbury provenance.