Place branding doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a long-term endeavour that needs the commitment and involvement of all key place stakeholders, from politicians and residents to culture and heritage organisations and businesses.

Each of these groups have their own ambitions and interests, the challenge is to create greater alignment when the opportunity to work together arises.

For a place brand to be truly effective, it needs to build consistency and cohesion over time.

Reassuringly, there is already a strong sense of collaboration in Salisbury.

A number of specific working groups, ranging from place management to vibrancy, culture and marketing and communications, meet regularly and are resourced with passionate and committed people. From this several excellent examples are emerging that are much stronger due to the benefits of partnership working.

We think these are some great examples.

Events & Festivals

There is no shortage of great content in Salisbury but we need to consider a more considered, curated, ‘less is more’ approach.

We want to develop original and relevant content for Salisbury that will bring new audiences into the city.

We want an events programme that reinforces the values of Salisbury – independence, care, creativity, ambition.

Salisbury Street Sellers and Taste Salisbury are two examples already demonstrating these values.

Now Salisbury needs to consider how it responds to re-localisation and net zero and lead the way by creating original events aligned with contemporary issues.

Retail & Hospitality

For over 800 years Salisbury has been a guiding light for all who value originality and our independent businesses continue this tradition today, giving residents and visitors an offering that can’t be found on any other high street.

That’s why every July is Independents Month in Salisbury. This gives us the opportunity to champion and celebrate our wonderful away of creative, original and resilient independent businesses.

Salisbury already has over 200 indies and we are keen to grow this There is an opportunity to work proactively with landlords and agents to develop an innovative approach to pop ups and new uses. This should be a curated approach to attract innovative makers and creators to the city.

Recent brand cases

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