Traditional Original

Back in 2018, we embarked on an exciting new journey to re-imagine Salisbury as a medieval city for the 21st Century.

We co-created a bold new positioning and narrative with more than 1,000 Salisbury residents, visitors, stakeholders and potential Investors.

In addition, business owners and people from all walks of Salisbury life contributed to in-depth, one-to-one interviews. More than 150 people attended practical workshops to share their insights.

What the project revealed was that at the heart of the authentic Salisbury experience is a blend of tradition, imagination and individualism that makes our city stand out from the crowd. And although we are a city steeped in tradition, we are also a place that celebrates originality. This compelling combination of factors can be distilled into just two words in our competitive positioning : Traditional, Original.

Externally, we will use this positioning to shine a light on the city, creating clarity for the visitors, residents, investors and businesses that we are seeking to attract.

Internally, we will offer guidance, encouragement and resources to our partners and businesses, and we will use the positioning as a filter to help shape the big decisions about the future of the city.


We will celebrate our history and respect our heritage.

When we talk about Salisbury, we will make the most of our rich history. We will celebrate traditional English craft, products and produce. We will help visitors get closer to our living history. Our events will celebrate the traditions that have shaped Salisbury.


We will celebrate the creativity and imagination of our people and our city. When we talk about Salisbury, we will make the most of our originality. We will celebrate the independent, the unique, the quirky and the eccentric. We will do what’s right for Salisbury. We won’t slavishly copy other places. Our goal will be to establish new traditions for the future. Traditions that others will want to follow.

The Four Pillars

The Salisbury brand story is built from four strong brand pillars. They reflect the truths about our place: its beauty, its history, the people and the spirit that binds us together. These pillars will guide and inform all communication about Salisbury.


Ageless Beauty

Salisbury is a divinely attractive city set in glorious countryside and designed from its very beginning to impress. Our built environment has charmed generations of visitors and residents.


Living Heritage

Salisbury’s story reaches back through the centuries. We are proud of our rich heritage and its continuing influence on our city and our way of life.


Enduring Spirit

Salisbury’s roots are deep. It stands tall through the ages. It is a city on a human scale, home to a resilient community.


Engaging Culture

Salisbury will be a hub of cultural experience, attracting people from far and wide, nurturing, celebrating and hosting innovative and accessible culture in all its forms.

Our Values

Our brand values are a set of guiding principles that shape every aspect of what we do. They dictate our brand message, identity and personality.


Here’s an example of Traditional Original in action.

Salisbury Street Sellers

A celebration of traditional English crafts, products and produce from a range of local and regional independent sellers.

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