Why Salisbury

Salisbury always looks to the future.

Our great city had the will and imagination to relocate itself over 800 years ago and has reinforced its enduring spirit by emerging from the extremely challenging circumstances of the past few years with resilience, positivity and ambition. We draw inspiration from our rich heritage.

When cathedral stones were first laid in the heart of English countryside back in 1220, Salisbury started to become a magnet for generations of pilgrims seeking inspiration, traders, travellers, farmers and fishermen bringing produce to market and artists and artisans laying out their wares. Today, we are re-imagining Salisbury as a modern medieval city embracing the challenges of the 21st Century. We want Salisbury to be a place of life and energy, a vibrant and welcoming place, a connected place.

Salisbury Brand Assett


Salisbury is widely recognised as one of England’s best places to live. The Times declared Salisbury “a divinely attractive and welcoming place”.


Creativity, commerce and craftsmanship have always been in the DNA of Salisbury. Our city is a beacon of original thinking, that’s why creative people and growing businesses are drawn here.


Salisbury combines iconic living heritage with a lively arts and culture scene making it attractive to a wide range of visitors.


Salisbury has exciting future development plans with the approval of the River Park Masterplan providing a new green infrastructure link and planned regeneration work on Fisherton Street.

Learn about the Salisbury Brand

Find out what makes our brand. From our new positioning, the brand pillars and our values. This will help you understand how we re-imagined Salisbury.